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How can I find out which new books have been ordered by MCPL?

Last Updated: May 14, 2015  |  438 Views
Topics: Books, Catalog

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You can see lists of titles that are on order in popular categories from the following links:

These links also appear on the left side of our new catalog's home page.

These lists by no means include everything that MCPL has on order, but they do include titles we expect will generate interest in advance.

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Other Answers / Comments (5)

  1. When I click on this link to find forthcoming titles, I'm directed to the account login. When I try to log in, I keep getting invalid login. Why do I have to log in (and the system won't let me) to find forthcoming titles? This is ridiculously frustrating!
    by S on Feb 12, 2013.
  2. Unfortunately, as of today, 6/10/2013, "Other Resources" via the "old catalog" is no longer available. Only the slider interface remains. The capabilities that many patrons used before today have been removed.
    by A on Jun 10, 2013.
  3. Today (6/11/2013) the "Other Resources" tab has been restored. Thank you for the quick response - much appreciated!!
    by A on Jun 11, 2013.
  4. When I go to the 'on order' section I can see is the slider cover but cannot figure out how to get other information (the normal catalog data) about a forthcoming book. Since judging a book by its cover is of little use, how do I get to the additional information? Thank you!
    by Nanci Aydelotte on Jul 09, 2013.
  5. Lists on on-order titles are now displaying in the new catalog from the links in this FAQ. You'll also find links to these lists on the home page of the new catalog and in the old catalog under Other Resources.
    by Ask-a-Librarian on Jul 12, 2013.

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