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I didn’t get any email notification about an overdue item (or an available hold). Do I have to pay the fine?

Last Updated: Feb 01, 2016  |  761 Views

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MCPL cannot be responsible for customers not receiving email notices.  Checking your account online is the best way to ensure that you see overdue or hold notices.  You are responsible for fines for overdues and for holds not picked up whether or not you received an email.

If you are not receiving your email notifications from MCPL, it is possible that they are going to a spam folder.  In your email system, be sure to have

on your "safe senders" list or add it to your Contacts list.  This should allow our messages to be delivered to your Inbox.

You can update the e-mail address in your library account online, or you can call or come to a branch and ask the Circ Staff to do so. 

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Other Answers / Comments (5)

  1. Previously, I have always been notified by e-mail when one of my holds became available. Suddenly, I am not receiving an e-mail notice, even though when I check my account status, it states one of my holds is available. There is no e-mail notice in my spam folder. So what is the problem?
    by Patricia Schottle on Mar 05, 2013.
  2. Same thing happened to me! I have always received library due e-mails in the past many years. I DO rely on these e-mail notifications since the library don'r stamp due days on books anymore. But I did not receive an e-mail alert for my books due March 4, 2013! In theory, if the county wants to make some extra money, they can simply turn off the due notification. This is not fair!
    by MC Library user on Mar 10, 2013.
  3. I had the same problem! My notifications were working fine until recently but I wasn't sent an alert for an overdue book on CD or a hold that had reached my library. Neither are in my spam folder or the delete folder for my e-mail account.
    I still received notifications from the overdrive electronic media site though since two of my hold requests became available in the last two weeks and I received notifications for those without a problem. (That would have been less annoying because I'd not be fined if they expire.) I would assume these are done through two different systems.
    by Elizabeth McQuade on Mar 11, 2013.
  4. Yes! Same thing happened to me. Very annoying. I just noticed that suddenly I have $10 in overdue fines and I'd seen that I never got a notice that my materials were due the next day.
    The Ask-A-Librarian's comments are helpful, but apparently since this has happened to me in the past (when the derecho struck) the billing librarian won't take off or reduce the fees!
    by L Wu on Mar 12, 2013.
  5. Between March 1 and March 3, MCPL's email notification to customers was disrupted by an outage.

    Branches will keep the holds on the hold shelf through March 19. Staff will remove the $1 unclaimed hold fee for customers impacted by this event if you ask them to do so.

    Although we encourage customers not to rely solely on email notification, since they can go astray or be blocked as spam, we acknowledge that our equipment's failure this month inconvenienced our customers. We apologize.
    by Ask-a-Librarian on Mar 14, 2013.

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